I Have, Metaphorically, Shot Myself in the Foot

So, among the many things I continue to learn about this current school clusterfuck that has seen me get laid off, lose my benefits, get hired back on a part time basis and the slow and painful metering out of my tech account permissions and authority, is that I have shot myself in the foot..

One of the ironic and maddening things I've recently learned is that, in order to save what job I now have, I completely screwed over the chance of getting back to the job I used to have which was out of reach anyway due to union bumping rules and seniority totem poles. Did that make any sense?

Let me see if I can slow it down and break it apart for easier parsing.

When I was laid off last June, I was told that I stood at an unlikely sixth position on the rehire totem pole based solely on the relative merits of the date that I was hired into the school district. Which meant, given the situation then, I was almost certainly not going to get hired back.

So, I scrambled a bit, worked out a deal with one of the schools that really likes me, we hired me back on a special contract basis that circumvented the union rules. The upside is that I have work and some money coming in. The downside is that I no longer qualify for benefits.

The even worse downside is that the special arrangement I worked out with my school has been replicated at other sites. So now other positions are opening up but they are all contract positions which cost the sites about half what the same position cost last year but deny the workers any chance of getting benefits because of it.

My choices were to leave the system as it was and not have a job at all this year or to create this new paradigm for my position and screw myself out of benefits. Both options kind of suck but at least the second one is going to allow us a little more breathing room to figure out what our next move will be.

It isn't ideal by any stretch and I'd better not get sick or hurt (unless its on the job) or we're in a very bad place. It sucks that the economy is in such a bad place that our district has had 10% budget cuts the last two years and then was told to chop another $10 million by December. And, tomorrow, I'll be meeting with another group within the district that is looking to hire me for a couple more days of the week. Which is great and all but I'd be alot happier about the whole situation if I could get some damned health insurance and benefits.
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