Phrases I Can Live Without

The follow up to Words I Can Live Without and suggested by Chuck of the Mint 400. We now move on to phrases that have outlived their acceptable use.

Think outside the box - anybody who uses this tired cliched phrase should be publicly mocked for thinking inside the box, deep inside the box.

Brings to the table - this is Chuck's least favorite phrase. I'm not totally against it but that's because I associate it with a funny sticker I had once that read "Brings nothing to the table".

Wassup? - nothing, now shut the hell up and learn to enunciate your words properly. Though the 2008 remake is an outstanding commentary on how badly things have gone in America over the last few years.

That's what I'm talking about - You mean that thing you were just speaking of a moment ago and it has come to pass? Thanks for the clarification.

It goes without saying - no, it doesn't. If it did then you wouldn't be saying it. Quit speaking oxymoronically. Or I'll smackify you.

Don't go there - cool and witty to say ten years ago. Now it just makes you sound like an idiot. Kind of like people who quote movie lines all the time.

What phrases drive you around the crazy?
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