A Familiar Chaos

This photo does a reasonably good job of capturing the generalized chaos inherent in raising two rambunctious and semi-wild little boys. They were having no part of standing still for a photo. You'll note that my wife is holding Grady back and I had to scoop up Sully on the way to get him in the picture.

Not that I'm really complaining (too much). They are usually a tremendous source of fun. I say usually because they can swing the pendulum the other way and can be really, really trying. From the slapping to the high pitched sonic screaming to repeating the same thing eight or ten times to random and non-specific whining.

On the balance though, they are delightful and fun kids.

Grady's latest linguistic foray is into the area of joke telling. We trade knock-knock jokes and he makes up jokes that he finds hilarious but don't make a whole lot of sense yet. They seem to mostly focus on babies that don't have shoes.

Sully seems really far ahead of the game in many areas. From his nearly complete potty training (the power of jellybeans compels him!) to his ability to speak in nearly complete sentences. The kid is about 2 1/2 years old and I don't remember Grady being anywhere near this far along. I guess having a big brother role model has paid off very well for him.