Words I Can Live Without

Here are some words that are the verbal equivalent of fingernails on a chalkboard and I'd just as soon slipped out of the lexicon altogether. Why yes, I am a word geek, what's it to you?

Remarkable - well duh, if you're talking about it then its obviously remarkable.

Extraordinary - this always strikes me as a backhanded compliment (i.e. an insult). Its like calling something superbanal or extramundane.

Zany - I'm not sure why I harbor such an intense dislike of the word zany. But I do. Thankfully the use of zany has waned in recent years. I guess my disapproving looks have paid off.

Turbo - when applied to an internal combustion engine, I have zero problem with the use of the word turbo. When applied to something that has no generated exhaust gas to recycle for additional power delivery to an engine, it is incredibly stupid and inappropriate.

Irregardless - this isn't a word. No really. But that doesn't stop people from trying to use it. Wikipedia defines it as a double negative conjunction of irrespective and regardless which cancel each other out. Kind of like saying "ain't not".

Do you have any words that make your skin crawl? Let me know in the comments.
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