Why Is This Man Smiling?

I have plenty of reasons to smile today.

First and foremost, its election day in America. We are looking at electing this nation's first black president. The election should not be close at all, it should send a very clear signal to Washington that America is tired of the status quo, that America is tired of the divisiveness, that America is tired of watching our economy tank, that America is ready to start the hard work to resume our place as a world superpower.

Second, I won my auction last night (well, early this morning really). I have been in the market for a motorcycle jacket to use for commuting to work because my full on Aerostich riding suit is bulky and hard to deal with once I've gotten to school. My new jacket was a wicked bargain (which is good because I wouldn't have been able to afford it otherwise). I'm rather excited to have an alternative to my heavy suit.

Third, I have a wonderful family in good health. My two little boys are delightfully wonderful guys. Grady has started singing songs he learns in pre-school and Sully is a little chatterbox machine (he's 2 and can string together pretty complex sentences). My wife and I are weathering some bumps along the way but are committed to each other and to our children.

Fourth, this upcoming weekend is a four day weekend with Monday AND Tuesday off. And that's something both Republicans and Democrats can agree on, days off ROCK!

Fifth, Skyrates is currently down but the game is set to start up again next week with lots of improvements. If you wanted to play, the reset is the best time to get in. Everyone is at ground level. Come and join up. And make sure to join the Red Faction and let them know Colonel Fenriq sent you, you'll be welcomed with open arms.

Sixth, did I mention that today is Election Day? Hell yeah!
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