We are Building a Religion

Maybe starting is too strong a word. But a title like "We are Defining a Religion" doesn't really grab you quite the same way, does it? And it doesn't matter how delicious the prose behind it is if the title isn't good enough to make you stop and read more. Besides, this is the age of hyperbole.

It is the age of the ultimate and the excess and the extra-large and super-size.

It is these sorts of demons that one who, consciously or unconsciously, subscribes to the tenets of Quixotianism. That's one thing about it that makes quixotianism different from all belief systems is the usual lack of knowledge of membership. There are no meetings, there are no local chapter presidents, there might be an occasional bake sale but they are not the norm.

The identifying trait is the persistence in seeing and battling demons that solely exist in your head. From taking it personally when the chowderhead in the dropped and chopped Honda cuts you off on the highway onramp to the mannerless jackass who bangs into you in a public space and never notices or apologizes. Quixotianism relates external events into personal attacks

Quixotianism - the conscious or unconscious adherence to the practice of battling imaginary demons.

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