UFC 91 Predictions

Time for some fight predictions for tomorrow night's UFC 91. I'll be watching and the UFC's president, Dana White, is predicting upwards of a million PPV buys which I don't see happening but I do think this will easily break previous UFC sales records.

Couture vs Lesnar - this is a tough one to call but I'm going to go with Randy to win this. Lesnar is getting better and better in each fight but The Natural has been playing this game for a long time and is one of the most savvy fighters ever to grace the Octagon. Brock Lesnar is an impressive physical specimen and an outstanding athlete. He's strong, fast and big. But he has yet to have his chin tested in an MMA match. I don't think he's going to enjoy getting punched in the face by Randy at all. And who knows what will happen if/when he gets cut.
Prediction: Couture by TKO strikes.

Florian vs Stevenson - personal feelings aside (I tend to think Joe Stevenson is a bit of a douchebag) I think Kenny is going to win this fight. He's fast, strong and very talented. Stevenson is really well experienced for his age but I just don't see him winning. Plus Kenny Florian has, oddly enough, sharp elbows that are like bony knives.
Prediction: Florian by TKO strikes.

Gonzaga vs Hendricks - Gabriel Gonzaga nearly kicked Mirko Cro Cop's head clean off, he's a monster with heavy hands and outstanding jui jitsu. I don't know much about Hendricks but I'm going with the known monster and giving the fight to Gonzaga via TKO in the second.
Prediction: Gonzaga by submission, possibly a rear naked choke.

Quarry vs Maia - I am a fan of Nate "Rock" Quarry. He had spinal fusion surgery and has returned to the Octagon and had several very exciting and great wins. I don't know Maia very well but he's supposed to be an excellent fighter and will give Quarry everything he can handle. But, in the end, I think Quarry will handle him.
Prediction: Quarry by TKO strikes.

The next four fights are fighters I have little to no knowledge of and can't make any kind of a prediction one way or the other.

Brown vs Thomas - Any fan of the UFC has seen Matt Brown on a recent season of The Ultimate Fighter. He's a tough guy, he likes to fight and he will absolutely bring it. Don't know much about Thomas but he's got a good record (which is different on different MMA sites) and is a good wrestler.
Prediction: Brown by knockout.

There it is. I doubt I'll be spot on but you never know. I'd like to see Couture win primarily because I like him and I tend to think Lesnar is too raw, too new and hasn't earned a shot at the heavyweight title after a mere three professional fights. Plus there's the whole fact that he comes from the WWE and its circus sideshow idiot mentality. Sorry, I absolutely hate "professional" wrestling because it isn't a sport, its a soap opera on steroids.

I'll report back in after the fights with a scorecard tally and fight reflections.
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