Survivor Wrap

I just got finished watching the latest episode of Survivor Gabon and have finally felt like writing something about this season. The season is a little more than half over now with the tenth person voted out tonight from an original 18. I love the location but much of this season has been pretty unsatisfying.

Here are my thoughts on the remaining players.

Randy - a racist asshole. I keep hoping he'll twist his knee and have to leave the game because of a medical problem. The guy has two assholes, one he shits from and other he spews verbal shit from. Really, an ugly person through and through.

Corinne - a conniving and hateful bitch. She holds herself in really high esteem and then utterly slags other people, calling them stupid morons and other crap. She's a pretty disgusting human being.

Crystal - for being an Olympian, she's been all but worthless in the physical challenges and she's got that hard not to laugh at angry bobblehead thing going. She comes off as angry, angry, angry too much of the time and is, well, kind of annoying.

Kenny - he's the gamer and he's playing the game. He's been lying an awful lot more recently and, I think, is losing stock among the other players. But I kind of like him because he's a physical underdog.

Matty - a decent and nice guy who got the short end of the stick through most of the game. I like him and would have no problem with him winning the whole thing.

Susie - I don't have much of an opinion about her aside from the fact I don't think she can or will win. She did, however, change the course of the game by jumping sides.

Sugar - one of the most underestimated players in the game. She's been a swing vote many times, she's been the deciding vote several times and she's got the immunity idol to fall back on if she ever feels threatened. She's got a great chance to get to the finals.

Bob - the elder statesmen of the game. Aside from looking partially deranged from not bathing or shaving, he is one of the most genuinely nice and cool guys to ever play the game.

The last four tribal councils have all seen strong male players booted from the game and the last two were blindsides of the pretty doctor man and then his adoring lawyer monkey. They're the first two members of the jury and Charley, the lawyer, has his saving grace that he gets to spend the rest of the game in the doctor's golden glow. The way he fawned over him throughout the game was irritating.

At this point in the game, there are several people I wouldn't mind seeing win and several that I would be aggravated about. The okay to wins are: Matty, Sugar, Kenny and Bob though I don't think Bob has a chance. The no way in hell do I want them to wins are: Randy and Corrine. I hate it when assholes triumph but it can happen in Survivor.
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