Sorry Is Just A Word

I read, With an All-Pro apology, Vick deserves to play in the NFL again, which attempts to justify the disgusting dog fighting ring that Michael Vick set up, bankrolled and got his twisted jollies from. Not to mention gambling profits (recall Pete Rose got a lifetime ban from baseball solely for gambling).

And I strongly disagree that Michael Vick should be allowed to play in the NFL again. It isn't a right, its a privilege and one that he took a great big bloody dump all over. He showed his character and his character is deeply wanting.

The comments attached to the editorial are kind of sad to read, most seem to think that, because he's a great athlete, he should be allowed back into the NFL.

Adam "PacMan" Jones is facing a lifetime ban if he spits on the sidewalk or doesn't stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. And yet, someone who engaged in a gambling operation (let's not forget about the gambling since that's a majorly bad taboo in pro sports) on his property that involved animals being forced to fight to the death, that included family pets being tossed to the vicious animals to be torn to bits and also involved Michael Vick executing dogs that got too injured to be put back in the ring for more of his pathetic and sick pleasure.

There is no sorry for what he's done. He may do his time, he may be released but he, in no way, shape or form deserves another shot at the National Football League.

If, by hook or crook, he does gain entry again, I will boycott that team stupid enough to sign him, I will hope he gets injured badly enough to never walk again, I will hope he falls down a set of stairs and gets eaten by a pack of dogs.

Michael Vick should dedicate his life to trying to make up for his horrible actions in his past. Maybe, after a period of years of speaking out against dog fighting, after demonstrating real remorse, maybe then. But no way should he even be considered for reinstatement in the NFL now or for the foreseeable future.
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