Perception vs. Reality

Perception - the cold sore on my lip is big enough to be seen from space.
Reality - most people don't notice it unless I point it out to them. But it still hurts like someone put a cigarette out on my lip.

Perception - My family is the only one struggling to get by.
Reality - Millions of families across the nation are in the same or worse shape than we are.

Perception - Prop 8 passed because the will of the people decreed same-sex marriage threatens "traditional" marriage.
Reality - The Yes on 8 campaign used just about every dirty trick in the book to get it passed, including robocalls featuring Barack Obama's quote about not believing in same-sex marriage but excluding his very next line that he did not support Prop 8. Those robocalls went to every single black voter in California.

Got any Perception vs. Reality you'd like to dispel? Leave a comment.
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