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Couture gets restraining order against Beard

Actually, taken another way, this is a pretty hilarious headline. But the Couture isn't UFC champion Randy Couture, its his wife, Kim. And the Beard in question is Todd Beard, the president of Affliction Inc., a wannabe MMA promotion that grew out of a t-shirt company. Yeah, if it seems kind of bizarre, it is.

Kim Couture wanted to get some numbers from the accounting department about the sales of shirts featuring her husband, Randy "The Natural" Couture. Beard, apparently felt that her seemingly reasonable request was completely insane and, according to the restraining order, launched a campaign to intimidate, berate and otherwise be a douchebag, including an expletive laden phone call with Kim and her lawyer.

Of course, it almost goes without saying that, because of his extreme response, the accounting was going to show that the Couture's had not been paid what they were owed. Which is to say, Affliction or some person within Affliction was stealing money from the Coutures. And I'm not sure there's any universe where I'd want Randy Couture pissed off at me. Or, the other and less likely explanation is that Todd Beard is such a raging angry man that he flew off the handle at the suggestion of any impropriety on his part. My guess is he'll eventually be found to have been skimming profits for himself

Beard has a history of intimidation and violence and is, from many accounts, a real piece of work.

And, since the original news posted, there's been two new developments.

One, Beard has resigned his position and entered a rehab facility for alcohol abuse and anger management (wow, those group sessions must be loads and loads of fun).
Two, Affliction is attempting to downplay Beard's role with the company.
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