Howdy Pardner!

This is my little boy all dressed up for Halloween last night. It was all we could do to keep that hat on his head for a couple of pics. He wanted to peel the straw out of it.

All in all, Halloween was a pretty good time. I got my pumpkin carved late but it came out really nicely and I'm a proud carving monkey.

The boys got out for a little trick or treating before the rain started up. Grady was a fireman and Sully was a cowboy. I didn't really dress up but I did throw on some surgical scrubs.

And then there was the awful story this morning about the 12 year old boy who was shot to death while trick or treating with his family. Some nutter fired something like 30 shots through the door with an assault rifle, hitting him, his brother and his father. He appears to have thought he was being robbed which, had it been true, he still went completely overboard in his response and would have been arrested anyway.

Pretty freaky when you think about it. But nothing bad happened out here and both boys were out cold pretty early given all the candy they were able to consume and all the generalized craziness of the evening.

It was a good Halloween. Even if it didn't really feel like Halloween at all.