Hidden Messages

I saw this sign the other day while I was out riding in Nisene Marks. It took me a hundred feet or so before I figured out what it had originally said and then doubled back to snap a pic of it.

The sign used to read Save Our State Parks but the SOS had been either burnt off by the sun or removed intentionally. I like to think that someone removed the letters on purpose to send a subliminal message that our state parks are sending out an SOS.

But more than just our state parks need saving. Our homes need saving, our economy needs saving, public education, the environment and, to a lesser degree, our sanity.

Luckily, the action that brought me to this sign is a big sanity restoring release valve in my life. And it means an awful lot to know how to release all of the pent up angst, aggravation and frustration that life inevitably brings on.