The Crippler Becomes the Needler

Chris Leben tests positive for steroids and is suspended for nine months after UFC 89 loss.

I've been a fan of Chris Leben's for a few years now. I liked how he carried himself, I liked his heavy, heavy fists that can knock out anyone at any time (see: Martin, Terry for a fantastic graphic example).

But I'm going to really have to re-evaluate my admiration and respect after he was busted for cheating. I can't stand cheaters and I really hate it when cheaters win. Which Leben did not do when he used steroids in his fight against Michael Bisping a couple of weeks ago.

I do have to give props to the UFC for instituting its own drug policies and enforcing them. There is no governing body forcing them to drug test their fighters, they do it of their own accord and that is pretty damned admirable.
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