Checking My Scorecard

So how'd I do on yesterday's election? I hit the big one in Obama/Biden winning the presidential election but several of the props have passed, including the hate-based Prop 8, the special-interest crippled Prop 1a, that I had hoped would not.

Total score: 7/13. I missed on Props: 1a, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 11. Not especially good AND made worse with Prop 8 passing. But I'll take the Obama win first and foremost and we can sort out the other stuff later. For now, it is time to breathe again, remember that there are other things worth blogging about aside from politics.

But I would like to note that John McCain's concession speech was his best of the entire campaign and I hope he continues to urge his supporters to work with President-elect Obama (doesn't that sound good?).

Hey, um, the Sharks are off to an amazingly kickass start!
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