Beware the Hasselbeck Screech Owl

I've made no bones about the fact that I thoroughly loathe Elizabeth Hasselbeck, the token conservative parrot owl on The View who became Sarah Palin's top adviser despite having the intelligence quotient of a retarded wombat. So it was with delightful glee that I saw my favorite artist, 14, of the Gallery of the Absurd, had aimed her artistic cannons at her. And she scores a direct and hilarious hit.

Yes, it is petty of me to level so much hatred at someone I've never met and will never meet. But Hasselbeck represents so much of what is wrong with politics in America. Her unexamined repetition of GOP talking points without having the knowledge to understand them, her teary defense of Bush and his pet Iraq War, her outrage that anyone could possibly question this current administration and just that freakishly huge and shiny forehead.
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