Being a Good Twitterer

I am big into Twitter. I update many times during the day, engage with the folks I follow (even if they don't often engage back, I'm looking at you Mathowie and BrittneyG but I still love you both) and do not often add new people to follow.

Which makes it even rarer for me to stop following someone once I've started following them. But I stopped following someone this morning and am likely going to stop following another one soon if he doesn't stop treating Twitter like a blog post notification system.

Mathowie had a post on his A Whole Lotta Nothing blog about why he chooses to block someone. And his reasoning runs parallel to mine (great minds and all that). But most expressly number 3, using Twitter to take link dumps all the time without any engagement in the community of Twitter.

So here are my rules for Being a Good Twitterer
1. Twitter is not solely a mechanism to drive traffic to your blog. If that's how you see it then fine but I'm not really interested.
2. Following more than a couple of hundred people. It isn't really possible to pay attention to so many voices which tells me you're probably trying to work an SEO angle.
3. No more followo, Mr. RoBOTo. I engage with humans, not bots. If its obvious that you're not a living, breathing human being then you'll be blocked. Even if you're a bot with a really cute avatar.

Update: I just dropped the other Twitterer. Three or four posts this morning, all links to blog posts. That's not Twittering, that's just trying to drive traffic.
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