UFC 89 Predictions

The UFC's next big event is UFC 89 and will broadcast for free on Spike TV on Saturday the 18th. There are some decent fights but the overall card is pretty weak with fewer fights than normal and fewer "name" fighters.

But let's do a quick predictions rundown.

Bisping vs Leben - Bisping by TKO strikes. Unless Leben gets another Terry Martin thunder punch to knock Bisping cold, Bisping just has the more complete all around game.
Jardine vs Vera - Jardine by TKO strikes. Jardine punches harder and wants it more.
Sokoudjou vs Cane - Sokoudjou by strikes. I don't know Cane at all but I've seen Sokoudjou a few times and he's explosive and dynamic and this should be a good fight.
Taylor vs Lytle - Taylor by strikes. I watched the Davis/Taylor fight again last night and was very impressed with Taylor's striking. I don't think Lytle can stand with him.
Kelly vs Davis - Davis by strikes. He's explosive, incredibly strong and has superb recovery ability if he does get tagged, yes, you can consider me a fan of "The Irish Hand Grenade".

The other fights on the card involve fighters that I've not seen fight enough to make a prediction one way or the other.

Check back after the fight to see I scored. Also, feel free to leave a comment with your fight predictions as well.
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