Thursday Head Scratchers

Because my thoughts are so disjointed, I thought I'd just regurgitate things that are bouncing around inside my head.

- Whatever happened to Fiona Apple? Did she get taken back to her planet of hot little crazy waifs or what?

- Is there going to be an October Surprise from the McCain camp?

- I'm not sure which way to bet on whether Sarah Palin goes back to Alaska or whether she takes a position as a talking head/GOP parrot for Fox News.

- The turn signal replacement switch out on my motorcycle took longer than I'd hoped but it came out pretty darned well, they look good and I'm legal again, which is the important part!

- I'm pretty sick and tired of trying to parse out the stupid serial number for Apple Remote Desktop to complete the migration to my new workstation computer. Its been an incredibly annoying process and its not even close to being resolved.

- Like a teabag left in the water too long, I've become stained by all the politics lately. I'm looking forward to scrubbing it all off soon.

- Its too damned hot in my computer lab right now. I'm going home.
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