Thoughts about the Debate

Okay, so here are some thoughts after having watched the debate last night and thought about it a bunch since.

One, showing up to a debate and barely even bothering to answer the questions being asked before going right back to memorized talking points isn't a debate. Sarah Palin did just that. She effectively avoided answering any questions by just not answering them and talking about whatever she felt like talking about.
Two, on a pure facts and knowledge scorecard, there's simply no way that Joe Biden didn't annihilate her.
Three, these debates need a fact checker to cut through the he said, she said bullshit. When one claims something that the other refutes and they keep doing it, that's called a stalemate. Without a third party fact checker on hand to say yes or no, its just who's more believable, not who's more truthful.

The debate wasn't a game changer, neither side made any serious gaffes but neither did either side score that huge soundbite winner. The low expectations for Sarah Palin mean that the GOP talking heads are declaring she has won even though she didn't answer any questions and was factually incorrect numerous times.

Joe Biden won but it was nowhere near the exciting show that most people were hoping for. He was knowledgable, he spoke of his own personal track record, he spoke of foreign leaders he knew personally, he drew on his passion and he answered the moderator's questions thoroughly.

What did I come away with? Sarah Palin is, in no way, no stretch of the resume, ready to become the vice president. She doesn't have the knowledge and she doesn't have the experience. Her nasal voice aside, she was a robot up there, reciting talking points she worked hard to memorize. You could easily see when she was off the script and then when she'd snap back to it. There was no connection, there were talking points, pseudo-zingers and attempts at folksy-charm.

I don't want a vice president who's folksy, I want a vice president who has a firm grasp of what the hell is going on around the world and how to best support the president in staying on top of everything. I just don't see Sarah Palin being that person. I don't think she's stupid but I definitely think she's not even close to having the right experience and info to take the job she's applying for. The news channels are saying polls have 51% saying Biden won, 33% or so saying Palin won and the rest were too busy picking their noses to pay attention.
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