Starting Off Off

Any week that involves me dropping off my cat for some paw surgery is bound to be a little bit of an odd week. And yes, that's exactly what I got to do this morning on my way into work. She's probably waking up about now, pissed off, in pain but, hopefully, better and won't be susceptible to infections in her extra toe paws.

I've spent an inordinate amount of time trying to find my serial number for Apple Remote Desktop so I can fully move into my new workstation. But without the number, I'm stuck with the old computer on my desk as well. This is what happens when you move into someone else's room and they didn't keep things as they should have. Now the install disk is missing and I look like a computer greedhead with two nice computers on my desk.

Oh well.

What else is happening today? We're still doing our winter at night and in the morning and summer all the rest of the day long. Its now beautiful and hot and sunny out and I'm stuck in jeans. Can't really complain too much though.

Damn, still tired of not having proper Gmail access at work. Sometimes my email will load up and other times it'll just fail.

Either way, its annoying but I can live with it since I've always got my iPhone and that makes checking email simple with or without a Wifi signal.

Anyway, time to get back to trying to discover just where the hell Apple hides that serial number. And hoping our cat is going to be just fine.
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