Shame on Cindy McCain

So, if you watch the news, you've likely seen the clip of Cindy McCain talking about her blood running cold when she found out that Barack Obama voted not to fund her son in Iraq.

Guess what? Her own freakin' husband voted against the troop funding as well. But I'm sure she's alright with that.

Having seen Cindy McCain speak and then seeing two interviews with Michelle Obama, they aren't even close. Cindy McCain is a reflection of her angry husband while Michelle Obama is a reflection of her thoughtful, considerate and articulate husband.

Michelle Obama carries herself with grace and dignity where Cindy McCain is either completely mute or sniper selecting arguments to whip up Republicans into a racist frenzy. She has two expressions, blank and outrage. Neither is especially First Lady-ish.

Also, I have the distinct hunch that, not so deep down, Cindy McCain is terrified of black people (and probably poor people and yellow people and red people and pretty much anyone not white and rich).
I have zero respect for John McCain or his selective outrage autobot wife.
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