Sexy Logos and Subliminal Sexification

I'm a fan of clever marketing. I am also a fan of euphemistic sexual references (when I was younger, my pals and I would come up with humorous ways to indicate having sex, "washing her dishes" was a favorite). So it was with interest that I read on Gizmag, A-style: harmless nipple-slip or unfair tactics.

And I had to go and find myself a decent A-style logo to examine. You tell me, is that a sexually graphic image up there?

What if you were told that its actually an image of two people having doggystyle sex? Can you see it now?

It is clever and it is sexually based but is it over-the-top and in need of a censorship smackdown? I don't think so but then I'm not one to tend toward prudishness.

I'm all for clever advertising but only so far as it doesn't blast graphic sexuality or violence into my face. The A-style logo is clever, naughty and kind of funny. Just as I'm sure it was intended to be.
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