Progress Report

Here's a quick update on some personal fronts.

The bite on my hand is pretty well healed up, it still looks a little gnarly but doesn't hurt much at all and has shown no sign of infection at all. Which is just fine by me and it means I will likely be able to go riding this coming weekend.

Hey, its October! I thought yesterday was the first but I always screw up that 30 and 31 day month thing. Anyway, September was decent, here's hoping October is just as good or better.

As any regular reader of this space would know, I'm anticipating the veep debate, tomorrow night at 6 pacific, with some optimism that it will be the start of the end of Sarah Palin on the national stage. I make no excuses for how little I think of this woman and her "qualifications" to be running for the second most powerful seat on the planet (arguable but it sounds good). She has experience in the public debate space and has her own set of weapons that I'm sure she'll deploy. But, at the end of the night, what she says, what she knows and what she admits she needs to learn should be the important takeaways. Not that she had some good quips or that she was able to parrot GOP talking points accurately, not that she's a decently good looking woman (arguable) or that any hard questions leveled at her by the media is sexist and/or "gotcha" journalism. I fully expect her to crater and maybe even explode. Nor is it about Tina Fey's spot-on impersonation or the sad fact that Tina Fey is probably more capable, experienced and would be a better vp nomination than Palin.

Either way, it is truly must see tv and is expected to be the most watched veep debate in history.

Which reminds me, Easy emailed me a very interesting piece about White Privilege and how it has negatively impacted this race. I may cherry pick it and post some parts to try and illuminate the double standard of qualification being applied to Barack Obama and Sarah Palin.

That's about it for right now. I know, not very exciting lately. I'll try to do something stupid soon.
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