The Legacy of Underfunding Education

Report: Kids less likely to graduate than parents. Think about this for a second. My children are less likely to graduate from high school than I am

Did you know New Mexico graduates a whopping 67% of its students from high school? That means one in three doesn't get a diploma. Shocking.
In fact, the United States is now the only industrialized country where young people are less likely than their parents to earn a diploma, the report said, citing data compiled by the international Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.
What this really does is sell our future out. If we have an ignorant and uneducated population then we are far less able to compete globally. We are unable to innovate as well, we are unable to develop new industries and we go more and more from being a producer to being a consumer.

There have been studies that show a direct relationship between funding for early education and incarceration rates. More money spent on early childhood education saves $16 for each dollar spent. That's a sixteen times return on investment irregardless of the fact that we'd be creating a better workforce, reducing the number of people in prisons and the quality of life for all Americans would rise.

But no, instead we build more prisons to house people we've failed to educate and the cycle feeds itself. We have to break the cycle, we need to fully fund education, we need to get class sizes down to below 30 kids per room, we need to invest in our future by investing in our children now or we'll be forced to pay for them to sit in cement lined cages during their productive years.

And that is just stupid. I suppose I should get used to Teh Stoopid because it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon.
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