Kitty Update

Our cat, Abby, came home from the vet's last night with a rather rough looking freshly cut front paw. No bandage over it but she did get the lampshade protector/maddifier (something that makes someone mad). For the first couple of hours she was pretty wobbly on her feet, overshadowed by the fact that she hadn't eaten in about 18 hours.

It took a little practice for her to get the bottom of the cone up over the lip of the bowl so she could access her food but she got there and was able to eat reasonably well. When she tried to go use her cat box, she was stymied by the cone and couldn't get in easily. I helped her in and back out and then back in again (did I mention she was wobbly?).

She was also pretty needy of some attention and pets and scratches so my wife and I took turns giving her lots of love.

The oddest thing about the whole ordeal is that she didn't come home with any pain killers or a prescription for any. This cat had one of her fingers removed and they didn't think to send her home with a little something for when the local anesthesia wears off. But nope. Can't say I'd like to be her this morning though she didn't seem unduly distressed.

Plus, the total bill for the surgery was about a hundred less than the top estimate, so that was a little relief in an otherwise expensive day.
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