In Good-Luck-With-Your-Hate News

Right-wing group boycotts Google for opposing Prop. 8. The annoying one that wants to reinstate the ban on same-sex marriage in California. So supporting it means you want to ban it and opposing it means you want to allow same-sex marriage.

Good luck with bringing Google down with your boycott, the slight dip in searches for man on man porn will scare them good, I'm sure.

Why are people so scared of two men or two women who happen to love each other and not someone of the opposite sex? Is your own marriage so frail that it is threatened by others? Are you threatened by married people who appear to still love each other after ten years of marriage?

Are you so nervous of your sexuality that any attack on it, even indirectly from way afar, is a threat? What does that tell you about your sexuality that you're so scared to learn? Oh, that you might fantasize about gay sex. Woops.

The loudest homophobes are the ones with the sweatiest and wettiest dreams. Or so I've heard.

I have yet to hear a single rational and reasonable argument for why same-sex marriage should be banned. I've heard a whole bunch of utter nonsense posing as arguments but nothing that isn't easily debunked as garbage. Do you have a real reason? I'd be interested in hearing it.
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