I Get It, He's Black and Obama's Black!

Cartoonist depicts Colin Powell as Benedict Arnold in blackface despite Colin Powell's well thought out reasoning and justification for his endorsement (that is, that Obama is a uniter, hasn't been running a negative campaign about "character issues" and that Obama has the experience and charisma to bring the country back together).

Yes, its far, far easier and more inflammatory to say Colin Powell endorsed Obama solely based on the color of his skin.

Which is to say, Gordon Campbell, the cartoonist, is a simpleton racist.

Colin Powell gave alot of thought to his endorsement and to be branded a traitor because he chose Obama over McCain smacks of desperation, hatred and racism. And that sums up the Grand Old Party's "contributions" this election season. Smear, fear and steer clear of any association with the last 8 years.

It will not work, McCain will not win.
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