How NOT To Work With Me

The old saying "You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar" holds true when it comes to working with me. I do not respond well at all to demanding, rude and annoying people. More so when they are asking me to do something for them and being rude about it. Even more so when the asker can't be bothered to follow my department's established procedures.

If this is an obtuse post then I apologize as I'm really just venting some frustration in having to deal with people that don't see manners as anything but a waste of their time.

If you are asking me to do something for you and you actually want it to get done then you'd best put on a happy face and use your manners. Otherwise you get nothing from me.

And I should note that I'm not the only one that has a bit of a problem with this particular teacher. Her colleagues stopped trying to help her out years ago because she was so ungrateful, demanding and downright kind of nasty about it. And I have plenty of other things on my plate from teachers that can follow procedure.
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