Google Veers Sharply Towards Teh Evil

Google's philosophy is to not be evil. But they took a rather large step towards Big Brother Evil today when they decided to rearrange how my information is displayed on my iGoogle home page.

They took the tabs from the top of the screen and made a new column along the side which means everything gets squeezed in a little more. The tabs are not closeable, they are not movable, they are expanded so I can now fill the whole page with Gmail (or, you know GO TO MY FUCKING GMAIL DIRECTLY) or with Betwittered.

This change makes absolutely no sense to me as it takes up screen space unnecessarily, there's no way to turn it off or revert to the old and preferred display format and, if other comments are to be believed, I'm one of many, many, many users who are thoroughly pissed off about this unwanted and worthless change.

You feeling me, Google? Change it back or, at the very fucking least, give me the option to change it back. Your improvements SUCK!

[Update: I did come across a rather easy to use workaround. Change your google.com URL to google.ie or google.uk and you'll log into your Google home page in the United Kingdom or Ireland and everything will be where it's supposed to be again. Until Google jacks their pages up too.]
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