Fourteen Seconds

That's how long Elite XC's golden boy, Kimbo Slice, lasted against a last minute undercard stand-in for the injured Ken Shamrock. Seth Petruzelli was fighting on the undercard last night when word came down about the injury. He stepped up, stepped in and knocked Kimbo Slice out in 14 seconds.

And with his knockout by a legitimate MMA fighter, his golden glow should fade quickly as his starpower diminishes and he looks like what he is, a mid-30's brawler propped up by putting tomato cans in front of him to bash. Fans of MMA have long said that he would not be able to stand up with a "real" MMA fighter. Those fans have now been vindicated.

I knew things would go badly for Kimbo when I heard about the replacement. Shamrock's a good fighter, to be sure, but he's far past his prime where Petruzelli's younger, faster, stronger and hungrier. It wasn't even close to being a contest.

It will be interesting to watch the fallout from this knockout.
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