Debate Reflections: Round the Third

The last debate is in the books and now we just have a three week sprint to the finish. I fully expect the McCain campaign to keep mortgaging whatever dignity it might still have to try and eat into Obama's rather huge lead.

McCain needed to crush Obama last night to make a dent in the double digit lead. He baited Obama repeatedly, he insulted him, he called him a liar, a person who consorts with terrorists and he called him naive and inexperienced.

The thing is, McCain is the liar, McCain is the guy who consorts with terrorists (or did you not know Saddam "Freakin" Hussein's chief lobbyist is on McCain's payroll?), McCain is the one with the overly-simplistic economic plan (cutting all earmarks to nothing will save .5% of the national budget) and McCain's health care plan is a joke, just like his education plan, his energy plan and his campaign cries of Change when his party has been in charge for the last eight years.

McCain offers nothing new and his running mate offers nothing of substance or value at all unless you strongly value a move towards fundamental and extreme religion in this country. Oh what's that? You don't believe in the same God as Sarah Palin? Then you should and you will BURN IN HELL, SINNER!

Oh wait, I don't believe in her God either. What kind of a God gives a mandate to go to war in Iraq when they had nothing at all to do with 9/11? What kind of a God gives a mandate to build a gas pipeline? No God I have any interest in worshiping, that's for damned sure!

Obama spoke to my concerns, he didn't stoop to get into things with McCain when McCain would start bringing up ridiculous "issues" like Obama's relationship with William Ayres and ACORN. Even though he could have gotten into the mud and flung insults at McCain he didn't. He kept talking about the real issues that are a real concern to me and other Americans.

Where McCain keeps wanting to make the election into one of character when we the people want a president who will make the country better and stronger and help restore our national honor and pride (which McCain helped kick into the mud to begin with by supporting every ridiculous thing Bush has done).

McCain didn't come close to winning last night and he won't close the gap in the polls anytime soon and I'm sure his campaign will continue to represent the Dark Side.

I have no respect for John McCain anymore. He sold it all off for soundbites and window dressing while forgetting that the nation needs change, change for the better, not more of the same failed Bush policies.

Joe Biden stepping in as president? No problem at all.
Sarah Palin stepping in as president? I'm running for the damned hills. In Canada or Mexico.

Oh yeah, McCain's "ace" Joe the Plumber? McCain's spotlight on him has created a whole host of headaches for him. Nice work, Johnboy. Plus, his "complaint" about higher taxes under Obama's plan didn't hold water as he wouldn't be making $250,000+. Oops.
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