Conception Day

Today's a big day around my house. In addition to being the anniversary of our wedding some five years ago now, it is also the anniversary of the conception of my oldest son, Graydon.

Yes, he was a honeymoon baby.
No, we did not wait to have sex until we were married. It just worked out that way.

Five years ago today we were in a very different place, physically, mentally and emotionally. And I was just praying for nice weather as we were getting married out on the beach.

It was also the Santa Cruz city celebration night which meant there were fireworks shot off from the beach. We had a wonderful day all the way around until we eventually and finally passed out in our hotel room near the beach.

And eight months, three weeks and six days later, Grady arrived a day early. And life has never been the same. In a good way. Mostly.
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