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I'm not a major car nut, I know what I like, I know what I don't like and know what I'd buy if money and practicality were no object.

But money is nearly always an object in any thinking about transportation. And that means looking at practical rides. I grew up with Hondas because my mother's been a fan though she was more into the slightly more upscale Accord rather than the Honda Civic but I've owned a few over the years.

One thing I can definitely say about Honda is that you get what you pay for. They may cost a little more than other Japanese cars but the extra cost translates into extra value now and down the line when it comes time to sell that car.

Nowadays, the Civic is every bit as nice as the Accord, just a little more compact. Call it pre-familial expansion transportation because once you start having kids, you'll want more space and extra doors. There are only a finite number of times you want to try and put a baby carrier in the back seat of a car without a door there to make it easier.

I like Hondas, well-made, well-designed and well-finished cars with sporty engines, solid mileage, excellent resale value and good looks to boot. If I weren't addicted to German engineering I'd probably be driving one right now (well, not RIGHT now because I'm sitting at a computer).

Note: the above post was sponsored by ReviewMe and is a for-pay blog post but reflects my true feelings as there is no requirement to "gladhand" the write up. This footer is intended to disclaim any impropriety or conflict of interest. I'll address the "selling out" aspect of pay-for blogging again in another post.
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