Blog Slogans

Because Ryan's been changing the name of his blog about as often as he changes his underwear, I thought I'd have a little fun with some blogans (that's blog slogan).

Anyway, here we go, better ones closer to the top:
Read my pucker!
If only sexist were the same as sexy. (Edit: thanks, Amy)
I'm smiling because I just farted.
Monkey see, monkey do, monkey write, monkey poo.
I can shout louder than you so that makes me right.
I'm thinking the turnip truck stopped, backed up and ran over you after you fell off.
Just a beautiful assortment of letters in a pretty format.
Two and two may equal four but you're still wrong and I'm still right.
I don't like you. Or me, for that matter.
Flicking digital boogers at the internet.
This is what I do when I'm not masturbating.
Making out with lipsticked pigs.
Quiet down and bask in the glory of my intellect.
Like the back of the hand for all the internet's backtalk.
If I were any pithier, I'd be a cherry.
You can't even begin to understand my rage.

Got other blogans that you like? Leave a comment and let me know.
Want to use one of these? That's totally cool, leave a comment and I'll come visit.
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