Blocked, Again

One of side projects over the last few months has been to try and gain remote access to my home computer network from behind my school district's firewall. This was complicated by the use of a wireless router at the house which required a substantial amount of investigation in how to get through it and to my computer's IP.

And I did it.

Last night I finally found the final missing piece of the remote access puzzle and was able to take control of my other computer through my router. All was good and happy in the kingdom of Geekistan.

Until today when I actually go to test it out in real world conditions. And by real world conditions I mean my own particular working environment which includes a rather robust firewall and an active site filter.

One of which has broken the connection I so laboriously developed and created. I know it still works because I'm at my site where I know there's unsecured wifi on the corner of the campus and I checked it from there and had zero problems in remoting in.

So yeah, several hurdles cleared but a few more left to go.
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