Attempted Fix = Elite XC & CBS FAIL

Petruzelli in center of Elite XC storm after comments following his 14 second knock out of Kimbo Slice this last Saturday.

He said that executives didn't want him to take Kimbo down and that it was in his best financial interest to keep the fight standing. Petruzelli's statements, later clarified by murky statements about what he was really saying, could indicate the Elite XC and CBS were trying to fix the fight or at least skew it towards a better chance of a Kimbo win.

They couldn't put in an aged name, though they tried to put Ken's brother Frank Shamrock in but he was busy as the color commentator for the event.

What these possible allegations say is that Elite XC and CBS don't give a damn about the sport, they just give a damn about making a buck off of it. And if that meant selling out and asking a stand-in fighter to fight in a way that favors the golden boy then so be it.

Only the fix failed, badly, when Petruzelli knocked Kimbo out in 14 seconds.

By the way, Kimbo Slice made a pretty astonishing $35,714 per second of his fight. PER SECOND! Petruzelli made a mere $7142 per second.

Elite XC is trying to defend themselves but it isn't hard to believe that they were a little over-zealous in their pre-fight discussions with Petruzelli. Maybe they didn't put the fix in but they definitely put the idea of one out there and, with it, they lost just about every ounce of credibility they might have had. Their explanation is reasonably credible (that Kimbo had been training to fight a grappler and had been working hard on his ground game) but still, with so much of the entire company needing Kimbo to win and keep winning, it isn't hard to imagine a little pressure to play up to Kimbo's strengths.

Which, if true, effectively destroys Elite XC in MMA. You can't fix fights and keep playing. But it doesn't really matter since Elite XC has been circling the drain for a while now anyway and Kimbo's loss should help them down it.
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