Are You Voting For Someone or Against Someone Else?

If you are planning on voting this November and I highly recommend that you do vote regardless of your political affiliation then it would be a good idea to consider why you are planning on voting the way you are planning to.

Are you going to vote against one candidate's ticket or are you going to vote for a candidate's ticket?

I know some people that are going to vote for McCain/Palin because of uncertainty about Barack Obama regardless of the reality of how much of a nutter unknown Sarah Palin is and how much greater the chance that McCain dies in office and she takes over.

I know some people that are voting McCain/Palin because they believe that Obama/Biden are going to lead us even further down the economic ruin path that we've been shoved down for the last 8 years under a Republican government.

I know some people that are voting for Obama/Biden because John McCain comes across as a deeply angry, bitter, mean, nasty and erratic old man flailing about for some semblance of relevance.

I know some people are voting Obama/Biden because they truly believe in the need for a real change in leadership, not just new talking heads but new thoughts, new plans, new deeds.

I know some people are voting Obama/Biden because of how thoroughly disgusted they are with the grotesque charade the Republicans are putting up. The negativity, the smear, the lies repeated often enough to convince some that they are true, the glossing over of contradictory statements, the selection of Sarah Palin for the GOP's VP nominee when she really and truly and honestly has absolutely no business, qualifications or temperament to be being considered for the second most powerful job on earth. None.

So why are you voting the way you are planning on voting? So long as you have a valid rationale for your vote, I've got no truck with it. But if your rationale is to vote McCain/Palin because Sarah Palin's "hot" then you need to climb up out of that trap the GOP laid for you. Its exactly why she was selected. Well, that and she can parrot talking points well and can attack with a smile and has zero issue with an utter lack of credibility or the irony of calling out Obama's "associates" while her husband was a member of secessionist group. Oh and then there's the whole censorship book banning thing, creationism, charging rape victims for rape kits and wanting to force them to keep babies created during rapes. Any one of these revelations about Sarah Palin should be enough to cross her off your vote list permanently but I'm sure there are those of you out there with your reasons. Are they supporting McCain/Palin or unsupporting Obama/Biden?

If you think that Barack Obama is evil, inexperienced, elitist, too smart, too white, too black, not black enough or whatever else, if that's how YOU really feel then I can't really fault you. But if you're allowing the liars on Fox News or Rush Limbaugh to tell you how to vote then you're sheep and unable to think for yourself.

Why are you voting the way you are?
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