Trying to Delay the Foreign Policy Mega Final

In a bold move intended to delay the inevitable defrocking of Sarah Palin, the McCain campaign has asked to delay the election campaign because of the economic crisis. This comes fast on the heels of McCain declaring the economy is sound. I guess he must have gotten to the chapter in Greenspan's book where he discusses major financial institutional failure and the repercussions something like that might have.

There is a chance that McCain is genuinely worried about this crisis, no, not on a personal level, he's still rich as sin. But there's also a chance I might fart a living canary, not much of one but there's a chance.

A delay would give Sarah Palin another couple of days to cram for her foreign policy parrot act. What? You didn't think she was actually learning anything, did you? She's basically prepping for an acting role and working hard to memorize her lines as best she can.

The numbers are sliding off of McCain and he's grasping at straws to try and regain some of that juice that announcing Sarah Palin gave his limp and sagging campaign. The only thing is that she's provided almost nothing of substance and came with a closet stuffed full of skeletons and idiotic actions and statements.

The more America learns about Sarah Palin, the less electable she and Grumpa appear. And that's just fine by me.

McCain wants to cancel debates because he doesn't want to be exposed for having no discernable differences between his policies and those of George W. Bush, the same policies that have led this nation into the economic abyss. Of course, he wants to cancel or delay the debates, nobody likes being exposed for being nothing but the same as we've already had, especially given the public and ugly damage those policies have wrought.
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