Trying Not to Go There

I am having a hard time keeping off the politics right now. I'm pretty stirred up and more than a little pissed off. So far this election isn't about issues, its about rhetoric and sarcastic distraction.

Sarah Palin is not even close to being qualified for the position she's been nominated. It isn't about her being a woman, it isn't about her being a mother of a needy baby with medical issues, it isn't about her being a mother of a pregnant teenager.

It is the combination of her inexperience, her complete lack of international exposure, her religious beliefs, her denial of scientific findings (global warming and evolution being two easy ones), her pro-life/anti-choice beliefs and the overstuffed closet of scandals and misdeeds in her short political career thus far. Need more? Go read Think Progress' Sarah Palin Digest but it ain't pretty. In fact, the whole thing needs to be read by as many Americans as possible.

McCain has the experience but he's also got some deeply held beliefs that are poisonous to this nation. He openly hates the "gooks" who kept him captive and tortured him. He just barely dodged indictment for his deep involvement in the Keating Five scandal in the 90's. He has voted with Bush 90% of the time and has stated he could see the US in Iraq for 50 or 100 years. He's a Luddite who doesn't even begin to grasp the information age and he has absolutely no concept of the challenges facing the real middle class Americans (not the ones he calls middle class who make $5 million a year and only have three or four houses).

Electing John McCain and Sarah Palin won't change anything in this country. Sorry, it won't change anything for the better unless you were already on the money train. For the vast majority of Americans, the election of McCain/Palin will see their lives the worse for it. But they'll sure help the rich get richer, push more Americans into poverty, reduce the number of Americans with healthcare, keep stacking debt onto the national debt, keep disgracing our country abroad, entrench us even deeper in Iraq while Bin Laden STILLS WALKS FREE seven years after 9/11. Notice how nobody in the Republican Party even mentions him anymore?

The thought of four more years of the gutter politics we've labored under is almost too much to bear.

Okay, I promise a post about sunshine and happiness before any more doom and gloom politics. And I think I'll start posting short excerpts here and posting the full posts over on the mostly defunct IP Politik. Yes, I'll dust it off before starting the engine back up over there.
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