Seizing The Day

I had an appointment last night on my own. Normally my wife joins me and we work on marriage issues, family issues, communication issues and other joyous and fun things like that. But she wasn't feeling well and opted to leave it to me to go alone.

Which was fine, it gave me a chance to explore some issues that I've been coping with. Among them, feeling deficient, regretful and too focused on hindsight as well as the fact that I'm an outstanding starter, a middling middler and a very, very poor finisher. Which is funny in a way because, when I ran cross country in high school, I was awful at the start, pretty bad at the middle but had a very fast and strong finish but I digress.

That I have a tendency to allow minor roadblocks to obstruct my passage and that one possible workaround to this is to put together a support group of like minded people to help keep the forward momentum moving forward. Because most of my friends are in different places, both physically and mentally, I didn't really see a group emerging from people I already know. So I'm going to attempt to form an invention support group via Craigslist.

The odd thing is that, in the act of deciding to do this, I've found a whole new level of motivation to get back behind my invention and propel it forward. What that means for me is to start building out prototypes to see how the idea will work in actual practice. I plan on scoping out some parts later today.

I'm excited to be moving forward again. I want to try and maintain that excitement and get to something resembling a finish line. I know it won't be the end but I'm creating artificial finish lines within the project to allow me the pleasure of crossing them off as they are passed. Because it feels like things are happening when list items get completed and removed from the list altogether.

Next stop is to test the Craigslist community post pool to see who might want or need an invention support group.
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