Sarah Palin: Pretty, Pretty Wrong and Pretty Mean

I watched enough of Sarah Palin's acceptance speech at the RNC. I got to see her attempts at sarcastic humor, her factually incorrect jabs at Obama, her factually incorrect revisions of her own record and her general snide GOP-style meanness.

This was her first national coming out party and she did a decent job of it. But it doesn't change the facts stacked up behind her.

Sarah Palin is a bad choice and a downright scary VP given how extreme her religious beliefs are, her zero regard for a woman's right to choose, her desire to "teach" creationism alongside evolution in our schools, anti-environment, pro-gun and an earmarked funds flip flop once public opinion flared up and her Bridge to Nowhere project became a national mockery (she kept the money she'd already gotten, of course).

More than all of this, she's mean. She's got a nasty streak in her, one that enables her to fudge facts for dramatic effect. Plus, her speaking voice has some kind of nasal tone in it that's just annoying to listen to. Maybe its because her intonation is so heavily flecked with self-congratulatory sarcasm and unearned wit but either way, she reminds me of Mike Myers' character Linda Richman and Coffee Talk, too nasal.

On the plus side, her standing next to John McCain makes him look like he's almost fossilized. Or maybe he's been replaced with a Disney animatronic clone? Seriously, there are old people and then there are old old people and McCain is definitely one of them. The chances of Sarah Palin having to step in as president if their ticket somehow wins is pretty high.

And the thought of Sarah Palin as our president is downright scary. This nation needs to move away from the religiosity we've been overtly beat over the head with for the last 8 years.

And the calls for change were kind of bizarre. These people have had the White House for 8 years and they're talking about bringing massive change to America? Why? Because they have to, because they need to distance themselves from the rolling travesty that has been the Bush presidency. You think its a coincidence that Bush and Cheney aren't there? The GOP leaders don't want them there, they want distance because the nation, world and reality itself is sick and tired of the bad combination of venality, stupidity and cowboy posturing that is the Dubya administration. Oh yeah, and corruption, of course, can't forget about the corruption.

And, last thought, is it just me or does Rudi Guilliani look like he's just happy to have an audience to smirk at and with? I think I'm going to start calling him Gobliani because of that goofy look-at-me grin he gets when people clap for him.

By the way, yes, I'm well aware that I'm pretty much the only one who cares about these political posts and believe me when I say I post about one in five that I write. The thought of McCain/Palin taking over from Bush/Cheney is deeply unsettling both personally and for the country. They are the wrong prescription for this country and they will do nothing but continue the policies begun by Bush.

We need change, we need real change, we need leaders who lead, we need vision, we need a real plan not more smoke and mirrors and lies from the GOP. They've had their chance over the last eight years and they have failed miserably on almost every front. Its time for Obama/Biden to start to put our nation back on the path to honor, prosperity and unity.
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