Oh Well, File It Under Better To Have Tried and Failed

Than to never have tried at all.

It is September and I never did hear back from the Survivor producers for a second interview which was supposed to take place in August. The only conclusion I can draw is that I was not selected for further inquisition for season 19 of the reality show.

Which is, of course, their loss as I would totally kick all the ass out of Survivor if they put me on the show. I mean that too.

You hearing me, Probst and Burnett? You missed the boat. But its not too late, if you call me up (you've got my numbers) and are nice to me, I'll come and play in your sandbox and make it rock!

I'm mildly bummed about not even making it to the second round but its a learning process and I'm filing this one away for future reference. I'll tryout again when it comes back around.
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