NWoTD Electionation Blowout Special

condidate - indicted political candidate (e.g. Sarah Palin if Troopergate goes bad) or, I suppose, if Conde Rice ran for office she'd be a condidate too.

cantdidate - a candidate who can't deliver on their pre-election promises. See Arnold or George Bush.

blandidate - bland candidate, see John Kerry.

cundidate - a hateful female candidate. See Sarah Palin.

serection - choosing who to vote for by who gives you a woody. See Sarah Palin.

presidentist - the executive of the mouth.

blundit - a blundering pundit. Numerous examples of people who supposedly know more than you or I do completely misrepresenting reality by their own stupidity, ignorance or willful lies. People like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly are blundits since they say whatever appeals to their audiences without regard to its factuality.

lipstuck - a worthless obstacle to discussion of real issues facing the nation is the definition of being lipstuck. Extra points for recent relevancy but the term holds for other derailing issues as well.

As always, all of these new words are cross-posted to the Fictionarium with ratings and archives. It'll take a little while as these words will get posted individually. Plus, I've got a few more words still gestating, I hope to add them as the day goes on.
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