It Was Good Fun Until the Wiener Dog Bit Me

I'm finding that the more I refer to it as a wiener dog, the less annoyed I am about the whole thing. The cut to the chase is that we went to a birthday party and a wiener dog bit me, bit me good really. Got a good chunk taken out of my right hand near my thumb.

But up until that moment, we'd been having a good time at kid's birthday party up in the hills. The main attraction was an inflatable water slide that was usable by all but the smallest of the kids there.

And they used the heck out of it, it was complete pandemonium when it first went into use. Lots of fun and chaos and no smacked heads at all, which was astonishing to me and some of the other parents. But things settled down fairly quickly and really the slide kept a whole bunch of kids happily occupied for a good while.

When it came time to tear into the pinata (a rather large Hello Kitty model), there were just four kids left on the water slide, my two boys, an older girl and a same age as Sully boy. Despite repeated mentions of a pending candy storm, none of the kids were ready to stop sliding yet.

Grady ended up getting out just a minute or two before before the pinata was split open and the candy fell. His candy gathering game has improved markedly and he certainly got his share of sugary loot. Sully did not but there were enough adult allies to put together a bag for him too.

And yes, once the candy was rolling, the slide was forgotten.

It was during the candy munching period that the little dachshund wiener dog got very upset at being tied up and found a tasty hand to lash out on. And the only positive in it is that the dog bit me and not Sullivan who was sitting closer and had the advantage of being lightly coated in chocolate.

But I got to be the lucky one and get tagged. It isn't a deep bite but it is a pretty good one, leaving a decent flap of skin loose. It also put a pretty immediate damper on the party and made getting home a little bit of a challenge.

Now its a little more than a day later and it looks alot better than it did yesterday and no signs of infection though I did get permission to chop off the little dog's head if I needed to.

I don't think it'll come to that but I also don't think I'm going to be riding any bikes anytime soon.
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