Honesty? That's a Sucker Play

Lies To Nowhere: The McCain Campaign’s Inaccuracies On Palin’s Bridge To Nowhere Support counts at least 18 times the McCain campaign has erroneously claimed that Sarah Palin opposed the Bridge to Nowhere.

The fact of the matter is that she supported the bridge to Gravina Island until it was politically expedient to not support it. And now the McCain campaign is attempting to whitewash her actions in this matter.

The fact of the matter is Sarah Palin will say and do anything to trick her way into the White House with Grumpy Grandpa POW (did you know he was a POW? You do now. Hey, did you know John McCain was a POW? Hey, POW = John McCain, pssst, I heard John McCain was a POW).

The McCain/Palin ticket is the ticket of bold faced and easily refuted lies because they know the base they are pandering to doesn't care about the truth, they care about soundbites, looking like they care, pretending they are some harbinger of change and misrepresenting the facts and reality in their smear of the other ticket.

What does Sarah Palin stand for?
- She likes the idea of shooting wolves from planes.
- She doesn't believe in global warming and other quaint scientific theories like evolution.
- She believes abstinence-only sex-ed is good enough despite personal evidence to the ironic contrary.
- She believes the war in Iraq is a mission from God (with an apology to the Blues Brothers).
- She attends a church that wants to "fix" gay people.
- Sarah Palin is for censorship.
- Sarah Palin believes that a woman does not have the right to choose.
- Sarah Palin is many things, among them: a liar, a cheat, a flip flopper, a woman-hater and panderer.

Sarah Palin is most definitely not the answer.
John McCain is not the answer. Nor is his experience as a POW.

Our country needs leaders. Our country needs a president who will put the entire country first, not just the richest 1%. Our country needs a leader who will move to restore America's honor and dignity that's been so badly abused over the last 8 years of Republican stewardship. America needs Obama and Biden, not McSame and Payola.
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