Grumpy McCain Digs in His Heels

Will John McCain be a no-show for the first of the presidential debates? I expect he will end up showing up, with a flourish and some dropped hints about how much more he cares about the crisis than his opponent.

McCain has already admitted that he has little understanding of economics and yet now we're supposed to believe that he's essential to hammering out a solution?

There are people calling John McCain a hero for suspending his campaign to address this crisis but he's not a hero, he's a distraction without any relevant input trying to duck the reality of the campaign trail. The debates are an extremely important part of our election process and he wants to deny the American people the opportunity to see him in action. Why? Because he's smart enough to know that the GOP can't compete on the issues, that Obama is a substantially better speaker and that he's a grumpy old out of touch fuddy-duddy.

The McCain/Palin ticket has lost its luster and looks like the crap wagon it really is, a old grump with a questionable medical history and an idiot false-sound-bite-spouting beauty queen with a deeply troubling belief system.

If McCain does skip the debate, I hope Obama goes ahead with it and uses it as a platform to discuss just how he plans on putting America back on the right path to prosperity and dignity.

Yes, it plays well with his core to show what a stand up guy he is, but the reality is that McCain doesn't want to debate Obama and he'll use whatever shield he can, even if he has absolutely no particular expertise in the crisis he's suspended his campaign to deal with.
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