Fantasy Sports Focus

So with the end of the regular season of baseball and football ramping up and hockey just around the corner, I thought it was high time for a little fantasy sports breakdown.

Of the three fantasy baseball teams I played this season, I came in 2nd, 2nd and 1st respectively. Rick destroyed everyone in one league and I squeaked into the running for league #2 only to get annihilated 10-0 in the final. But in my last league, I was able to barely get through the semi's by an odd tie breaker and then eke out a victory by just a couple of points to take the season win.

Not too bad on the fantasy baseball front at all.

Fantasy football got off to a rough start beginning with the auto-draft "scoring" me Matt Hasselback (yes, the one married to the big foreheaded GOP parrot annoyance on The View, Elizabeth) of the sucktastic Seahawks and Stephen Jackson of the pathetically awful Rams. Two games into the season and I was still looking for my first W.

A squeaker got me on the board and then I had Brett Favre playing this week when he threw for a record 6 touchdowns against the Cards. Not a bad play at all. This week I have brought the heaviest smackdown of the season and am evening my record to 2-2.

I am also positioned for a local football pool win tonight if Big Ben and the Steelers can put together a win over the Ravens which will not be easy. But it is doable and that's what matters.

And last, the fantasy hockey league needs more teams. Want to play? (I will freely note that I pretty well suck at Fantasy Hockey and am just a body to skate over by some fanatical Shark fan friends). If you want in then leave a comment with your email address and I'll get an invite out to you.

Did you notice a lack of fantasy basketball news? That's because I find basketball to be, overall, a boring ass piss poor sport that lauds flopping, pimpsmanship and generalized douchebaggery from players, owners and fans alike.

Oh and one word to my Mets fan pal, John. Dude! Duuuuuuuude! And, last word to the long suffering gentlemen of the Mint 400, I hope this is your year and I further hope the Cubs get to pound the Dodgers down and out. Because I am all about cheering for whoever is playing against the Dodgers and the Yankees. Plus, Chicago's a great sports town and deserves to finally move past Steve Bartman (who I still think is wrongly blamed).

Also, I didn't take Washington yesterday but I love that they beat the Cowboys! Love it, love it, love it! And not just because Tony Romo sold his soul to Jessica "Toot Toot" Simpson.

Besides, any post season without the frickin' Yankees is a post season I can enjoy! Go Steelers!
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