Extreme (and Wrong) Beliefs

Sarah Palin's 9 Most Disturbing Beliefs via AlterNet.

Summarized for your convenience. Not all of them are deal-breakers but, taken as a whole, it should be patently apparent to everyone what a poor choice for VP she really is.
1. Despite problems at home, Sarah Palin does not believe in giving teenagers information about sex.
2. Sarah Palin believes the U.S. Army is on a mission from God.
3. Sarah Palin believes in punishing rape victims.
4. Who's really not in favor of clean water? Sarah Palin.
5. Sarah Palin calls herself a reformer, but on earmarks and the "Bridge to Nowhere," she is a hypocrite.
6. Sarah Palin believes creationism should be taught in schools.
7. Sarah Palin supports offshore drilling everywhere, even if it doesn't solve our energy problems.
8. Sarah Palin loves oil and nuclear power.
9. Sarah Palin doesn't think much of community activism; she'd much rather play insider political games.

Make no mistake, voting for Sarah Palin is a vote to regress the country to a dumber and meaner time. Her religious beliefs are extreme, her political experience is nearly non-existent and her foreign exposure is all but useless. She has been a lightning rod for the election but what she brings isn't even close to what this country needs.

Just say no to Sarah Palin.
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