Even Turd Blossom is Calling Out McCain

Rove: McCain went "too far" in ads attacking Barack Obama. Like the one saying Obama favored teaching kindergartners sex-ed when the reality is Obama favored teaching them to say no to sexual predators. And the lipstick on a pig ad is complete and utter bullshit (or maybe I should say hogwash?). I enjoyed seeing McCain squirm on that bastion of political discourse, The View, last week.

When Karl Rove, one of the most disingenuous scumbags on the planet, says you've gone too far then its a pretty good bet you left rational reality long, long ago.

This is likely the first time I've ever agreed with Karl Rove about anything. And it'll probably be the last. Rove also thinks Obama's campaign has gone too far but that's to be expected, he's firmly entrenched in the GOP camp (and there's no way I'd ever want his slimy carcass working for the Democrats in any case).

It was also interesting to get an international perspective over the weekend. I spoke with my brother for a while during his stay in Morocco. His impression is that Obama will win fairly handily (not a landslide but not close enough for the Repugs to steal another election). I hope he's right. Amy had a good graphic that helps explain things the other day.

I'm trying not to obsess over this election but I strongly feel that this is an incredibly important moment for our nation and the world. Electing John McCain and Sarah Palin will negatively reverberate around the world for a generation. They are not the right people to return America's dignity and honor, they are the right people to keep pushing the Bush agenda (you know, make the rich richer, make our kids dumber and sicker and keep driving up that national debt).

I strongly believe that Barack Obama is the right man for the job. He's got the intellect, the drive, the networkability and charisma to lead the country out of the darkness that has been the Bush administration.
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